Brand Storyboarding

About Brand Storyboarding

Brand Storyboarding is a process designed to help teams and/or individuals engage honest conversation about their brands and to aid in shaping the key factors that will deepen the understanding of a brand’s identity & values, define how identity & values will be communicated, outline brand objectives, and identify tools that will aid in satisfying brand objectives.

The storyboarding Process Consists of three parts:


The Course

The Course is a free-thinking session in which team members express their own perspectives of and desires for the brand. This part is broken up into 3 phases (Then, Now, Next), which explore the past, present, and future of the brand.


the Conflict

The Conflict is an editing process designed to help identify conflicting information, perspectives, or objectives and to challenge teams to, collectively, make decisions about the brand.


The Clarity

The Clarity is a process in which the data collected from the previous phases is organized into four distinct areas (DNA, Code, Objectives, & Tools) to aid in the development of brand strategy.

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