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Hey there! I’m Michael Andrew Weston, Identity Strategist and owner of Supernormal.

It’s my work to help people tap into their identities and leverage it to build powerful businesses and careers. I often say that my work sits a the intersection of business development, branding, and marketing with an identity-first focus. I’m what you’d consider intuitive or clairvoyant, which is what makes the work I do Supernormal.

I want to use my Supernormal sense of KNOWING and my 13+ years of experience in branding, marketing, and business development to answer questions you may have in regards to your career or business.

Free Call Fridays is an opportunity to receive insight & support to help you navigate new levels of identity in your career or business.

I've been asked...

Just to give you a sense of the kind of support I may offer you during your call, I’ve listed a number of questions that I’ve been asked by folks in the past…

What is the number one rule in branding?

How do I use personal strengths to be the most productive?

How do I make myself marketable while still protecting my identity?

In my specific field, what would be the most effective branding strategy?

What is the best way to brand and market?

Why do I feel a disconnect between myself and my business?

Should I separate myself from my business?

How it Works

Here's how Free Call Fridays works...

Look Out for Availability

On Wednesday of select weeks, I will make 4 call slots available for the upcoming Friday. Slots will be announced on Supernormal social media platform. You can also visit this page to find out what times are available.

Book Your Time Slot

Use the calendar below to book your time lot. Calls are available on a first come, first served basis. So, be sure to secure your time slot as soon as possible. Once you book your slot, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link.

You can join the waitlist to be notified of available slots before I announce them on social media.

Prepare Your Question(s)

Please note that these calls are 30 minutes. To make best use of our time together and so you receive maximum insight, be sure to show up to the call with a specific, focused question or set of questions.

Let’s Get Supernormal!

On the day of your call, please, arrive no less than two (2) minutes before your scheduled time.

What if
no slots are available?

Be the first to know when calls are available!

I’ll always notify my subscribers first.
If no slots are available, I encourage you to join the “Call Waiting” list so you’ll be notified  when slots are available before I announce them on social media.

Free Call Friday Waitlist

Booking Book Your Call

Use the calendar below to check for available slots and to book your call.

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