Turn your Idea into an identity-aligned business

Let me guess — You have a business idea but you're stuck wondering if it's viable or you keep pondering the question, "Where do I start?"

When most people get in this space, they usually do one of two things: either they start Googling and asking entrepreneurs they know for advice, or they do nothing because the thought of trying to start a business with no prior knowledge seems cumbersome — you know, the old “fight–or–flight” response.

Googling or asking for advice can have value. However, depending on these means alone falls short because, regardless of how much information you find online or how experienced an entrepreneur is, the information or experience is tied to someone else’s identity. So, I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel misaligned at some point. As for doing nothing — well — doing nothing does nothing! Starting the business only seems colossal because you’ve not yet tapped into the power of your identity.

Fresh Ideantity is an opportunity to unlock the possibility of building on YOUR idea using YOUR identity!

Why Identity?

Your identity is the supernormal quality that makes you unlike anyone else and enables you to do what no one else can do.

It is the single raw material you use to create everything in your world. However, if you’re not aware of these truths, you risk misappropriating this most valuable material. For a business owner, this misappropriation manifests as consistently over-committing, not attracting ideal clients (or any clients at all in some cases), feeling disconnected, and, ultimately, becoming worn out with your work.

My goal is to help you — the new entrepreneur — to avoid these pitfalls. I believe that if you lead with identity everything else will follow. What I mean is that aligning with identity creates a flow in which who you are informs your decisions. In this flow, you’ll know what you can handle and you’ll be connected to your work and the people you desire to work with.

Here's What we'll Cover in Fresh IDEAntity

We will explore these key questions:

Who am I?

We will begin the course with a truncated version of our signature Identity Storyboarding process to take steps toward uncovering who you are at your core.

Who is my idea for?

We will take some time to deep-dive into your idea to find out where is comes from, what it’s connected to, and who it’s meant to serve.

How does my identity connect to my idea?

Once we’ve finished connecting all the details, we will start shaping your business’s messaging, mission, and values.

You will walk away from this course with the tools for developing the mentality of an identity-aligned business owner.

MEet the Instructor

Hey! My name is Michael Andrew Weston.

I spent over 10 years as a marketing and branding expert. Things were going well! I had clients, I was making money, and it seemed that people were taking notice of my work. However, on the client side, I kept running into the same problem — they wanted to look good and sell stuff. I was more focused on doing the deep work. This left me constantly feeling like I wasn’t “doing” enough. So, I started piling more work on my plate and ultimately worked myself to burnout.

When I got to this place, I came to the harsh reality that I’d never created anything for myself. What I mean is that I spent all my time and energy creating other people’s visions. When I would create for myself, I’d consistently strip my vision of its raw material to help build somebody else’s. Yes, I had a logo, a website, and clients, but the logo and website were facades and clients were just lifelines to help me “stay afloat.” I was in survival mode! When I came to this revelation, I knew it was time for change. *insert Supernormal*  

The work that I do now is focused on helping clients identify breakdowns by discovering their true identity. I want them to experience the power that I feel now — the power of creating out of identity and serving out of overflow. I am not simply teaching people how to “brand” their business. I am teaching them how to create and position an aligned business using the supernormal power of identity.

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Fresh IDEAntity is a live, interactive course, where attendees can receive real-time feedback and support as they begin developing their new identity-aligned businesses.

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