Identity Identity

Your identity is the supernormal quality that makes you unlike anyone else and enables you to do what no one else can do. It is the single raw material you use to create everything in your world. However, if you’re not aware of these truths, you risk misappropriating this most valuable material. For a business owner, this misappropriation manifests as consistently over-committing, not attracting ideal clients (or any clients at all in some cases), feeling disconnected, and, ultimately, becoming worn out with your work.

I get it! As a business owner you have so many things to consider… What products or services will you offer? How will you get clients? How much will you charge for services? (…and the list goes on) However, I believe that if you lead with identity everything else will follow. It’s this belief that inspires the work I do.

Lead with identity
and everything else will follow.

Here's the work of Supernormal

  1. Helping you get to the core of your identity and leveraging it to position your business to attract the clients you want
  2. Helping bridge the gap between who you are and what you do so you can connect to your work and clients in a more meaningful way
  3. Helping make space for you in your business by equipping you with tools to create for yourself first and serve clients out of your overflow