Often when we hear the word “identity,” we think of this immovable, unchangeable set of characteristics, qualities, and/or values. So, inevitably, when we talk about discovering our identities, we think about aligning ourselves with these virtues. The truth is, however, that as time goes on our values evolve. I teach clients that we are the sum total of our values. This means that as our values evolve, so do we!

My work is not to help people to uncover a single, static version of themselves. It’s my job to help them assess who they’ve been, who they are now, and to align them with the mentality of the individual they desire to BE. This is not a one-time deal. It requires ongoing support and accountability.

The Identity Incubator is a 6- or 12-month one-on-one journey designed to provide support, consultation, and mentorship as clients learn to navigate these phases of evolution.

A Customized
Journey of Identity

I consider it extremely important to be consistent in my approach to working with clients. However, I deem it equally as crucial to remember that everyone’s journey is unique to their identity. So, to best serve clients, I build customized incubator framework around the nuances associated with their journeys.

The Journey The Journey

Here's what the Identity Incubator involves...

Identity Storyboarding Session

Each incubator client will go through the Identity Storyboarding process to aid in discovering the core and essential elements of their identity, which will lay the groundwork for the client’s journey.

Weekly Identity Discovery calls

These are one-on-one calls designed to provide the client with ongoing support, consulting, and mentorship.

24/7 access to provisional consulting

Incubator clients will have 24/7 access to provisional consulting through the Voxer mobile app.

Access to Supernormal programs

Incubator clients will have full access to participate in all courses & cohorts.

How much is
the Identity Incubator?

The investment for the Identity Incubator is typically a four-figure monthly fee.

Please note that the fee is determined by clients’ individual needs.

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