Have you ever felt like you were “getting the hang” of something only to abruptly feel like you’re back at square one? In these moments, questions — and even doubts — arise, making you wonder if you ever had a handle on things in the first place. This same dynamic often shows up when you’re navigating identity. One day, you feel sure and know exactly who you are. Then, randomly, here comes a flood of questions.

One of the biggest misconceptions about identity is that it’s static; that you’ll “know who you are” and charge forward reasserting this “identity.” The truth, though, is that getting to the core of your identity is not about discovering an immovable, unchangeable set of characteristics that you carry with you for the rest of your life. Rather, it’s about setting yourself on the path and in the flow of discovering the depths of who you are.

As you discover these new depths, previous paradigms and beliefs may start to feel misaligned, requiring you to release, shift, or accept some things in order to truly embrace these newfound dimensions of your identity. Without the proper tools and support, integrating who you are and who you’re becoming may prove challenging.

Integrated Identity is a monthly membership that provides support through training and community to aid individuals in navigating each new level of identity.

Requirements for
joining the community

This is a community of people who are dedicated to deep introspection, understand the power of investment, and are intentional about discovering their truest identities. As a result, membership will only be granted to individuals who have completed the Identity Storyboarding process.

Benefits Benefits

Here are the benefits of Integrated Identity membership...

Monthly Identity Flow sessions

These are training-style sessions designed to equip community members with tools for understanding and navigating the progressive nature and flow of identity.

Monthly Integration sessions

These are open office sessions where I provide community members with consultation and mentorship.

24/7 access to consulting & support

Community members will have 24/7 access to a private group where they can receive consulting and/or community support as they navigate challenges and changes relating to their identities or businesses.

Access to select Supernormal programs

Community members will have full access to select courses and events hosted by Supernormal.

How much is
Integrated Identity?

The monthly investment for the Integrated Identity is $100 (USD).

This membership is on a month-to-month basis with no long-term agreement.
It is recommended, however, that members commit to a minimum of 6 months .

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Start the process by completing the Integrated Identity application.