I'm Michael Andrew Weston.

Before I tell you more about what I do, I should, first, tell you that I have a knack for knowing. It’s what makes the work I do supernormal. Some would say I have a third eye, I’m intuitive, clairvoyant, or even prophetic. Regardless of how you language it, it is this knowing that enables me to aid clients in getting to the core of their identity. I know when joy, judgment, resistance, surrender, faith, and/or fear are at work. I use this to challenge clients to dig deeper and to find the truth. I believe that if we can get to the truth, we can tap into pure identity and present a professional or business in truest form.

I get to the truth using my signature Identity Storyboarding process.

P.S. You can learn more about me at the bottom of this page.

Get to the Truth
and we can tap into identity.

About Michael

My name is Michael Andrew Weston. I got started on my career path as a teenager when an at-the-time mentor sat me down in front of a computer and told me, “You can do graphic design.” So, I did. This led to me starting my first business, Archangel Graphic Designs, and becoming the go-to graphics guy in Indianapolis. While running Archangel I started getting questions from clients about how to effectively promote their products, services, or events and discovered that I had a natural talent for marketing. Around that time, the marketing director of a prominent local events center had taken me under his wing to teach me the art of marketing. I even pursued a degree in marketing.

Demand for these marketing skills increased and I dissolved Archangel to start the “all-inclusive” MICHrophone Marketing Solutions (I thought that was so clever 🤦🏽‍♂️). Under the MICHrophone umbrella, I was hired by a local charter school to develop a marketing strategy for student retention and increasing enrollment. While developing this program, I realized that there was a breakdown in what the school promised and what teachers, students, and parents were experiencing. Long story, short, I decided to share my insights and — well — it wasn’t popular and the project pretty much imploded.

After my brief pity party ended, I realized that the breakdown I discovered wasn’t a basic marketing issue — it was an identity issue. When I discovered this, it completely changed the trajectory of my career. I dissolved MICHrophone and became a “brand manager.” Things were going well! I had clients, I was making money, and it seemed that people were taking notice of my work. However, on the client side, I kept running into the same problem — they wanted to look good and sell stuff. I was more focused on doing the deep work. This left me constantly feeling like I wasn’t “doing” enough. So, I started piling more work on my plate and ultimately worked myself to burnout.

When I got to this place, I started doing some deep soul-searching and came to the harsh reality that I’d never created anything for myself. What I mean is that I spent all my time and energy creating other people’s visions. When I would create for myself, I’d consistently strip my vision of its raw material to help build somebody else’s. Yes, I had a logo, a website, and clients, but the logo and website were facades and clients were just lifelines to help me “stay afloat.” I was in survival mode! When I came to this revelation, I knew it was time for change. *insert Supernormal*

The work that I do now is focused on helping clients identify breakdowns by discovering their true identity. I want them to experience the power that I feel now — the power of creating out of identity and serving out of overflow. I am not simply teaching people how to “brand” their business. I am teaching them how to create and position an aligned business using the supernormal power of identity.