Identity Storyboarding is an auditing process that involves deep diving into the business owner’s experiences — both past and present — to discover the core and essential elements of their identity.

This process brings into the business owner’s awareness unconscious and/or misaligned mentalities and behaviors that are preventing them from actualizing the next level of their vision. This, ultimately, empowers them to make decisions regarding the future of their business.

Here's How the Process Works

The Identity Storyboarding process is divided into three phases:

The CourseThe ConflictThe Clarity

  1. The Course is a free-thinking process in which clients explore their past, present, and future experiences to identify and make decisions about the forward trajectory of their business.
  2. The Conflict is an editing process designed to help identify mentalities, behaviors, or objectives that may be counterproductive for the business.
  3. The Clarity is a process in which the information collected is organized as usable data for the development of identity strategy.

How much is an
Identity Storyboarding session?

The investment for an Identity Storyboarding session is $750.

This fee includes an on-boarding call, Identity Storyboarding session (up to 4 hours), an Identity Storyboarding Results document, and a follow-up call to review results.

If an Identity Storyboarding client signs a service agreement to work with me one-on-one on a 6- or 12-month term within 15 days following their session, the fee amount will be applied toward the overall agreement balance.

Questions FAQs

How does the booking & payment process work?

When you are ready to book your session, you will complete the Identity Storyboarding Assessment form. Once your assessment has been received, I will contact you to schedule your on-boarding session and to provide you with a service agreement to be signed and returned along with full payment.

Can Identity Storyboarding be done online?

The short answer… Yes. However, nothing beats an in-person Identity Storyboarding session! The connection is unmatched.

Do I need to provide the location for my session?

For sessions taking place in the NYC Metro area, I will provide the client with location details upon agreement of terms. For sessions taking place outside the NYC Metro area, it is requested that the client provide a private location with empty wall space.

How long does the Identity Storyboarding process take?

I advise clients to block out 4 hours for Identity Storyboarding. This process usually takes a minimum of 3 hours to complete.

What happens after the Identity Storyboarding session?

Within 48 hours following your session, you will receive a
document that outlines your Identity Storyboarding results and a follow-up call will be scheduled to review your results and to discuss next steps.

Time to book your
Identity Storyboarding session!

Are you ready to book your session?

Start the process by completing the Identity Storyboarding Assessment, which is a questionnaire designed to help me assess your current situation and to better understand the challenges and/or changes that prompted you to contact me.