A Cohort for Identity-aligned Business Owners

develop an identity strategy from start to finish

The identity strategy provides business owners with a holistic approach to creating a marketable business.

Developing an identity strategy includes…

Aligning ideas with identity

Gaining clarity on who/what “fits” and will produce for both the business & clients

Creating clear, concise messaging that resonates with ideal clients

Connecting to resources that will aid in fulfilling business objectives

Components of Identity Strategy

Identity Strategy is an actionable plan designed to keep business owners aligned with the Mentality, equipped with tools for the Manageability, and focused on maintaining the Momentum of the business.

Mentality focuses on shaping your perspective to position the business.

Your values determine your mission. Your mission determines your messaging. Your messaging determines your positioning.

Manageability focuses on developing a plan for consistently “showing up.”

It is important to have a plan for effectively and simply managing the many moving parts of your business to give clients & audience a consistent experience.

Momentum focuses on planning for the scalability of the business.

Planning for success means strategizing to build enough momentum to fulfill future business objectives that are not immediately attainable.

Meet the Instructor

Hi, I'm Michael Andrew Weston!

If you’re looking for a professional bio, sorry in advance! I think it’s more important to tell you about my knack for knowing. It’s what makes the work I do supernormal. Some would say I have a third eye, I’m intuitive, clairvoyant, or even prophetic. Regardless of how you language it, it is this knowing that enables me to aid people in getting to the core of their identity. I know when joy, judgment, resistance, surrender, faith, and/or fear are at work. I use this to challenge individuals I work with to dig deeper and to find the truth. I believe that if we can get to the truth, we can tap into pure identity and present a business in its truest form.

Identity Storyboarding is an auditing process that involves deep diving into the business owner's experiences — both past and present — to discover the core and essential elements of their identity.

This process brings into the business owner’s awareness unconscious and/or misaligned mentalities and behaviors that are preventing them from actualizing the next level of their vision. This, ultimately, empowers them to make decisions regarding the future of their business.


The Identity Storyboarding process is divided into three phases:
The Course — The Conflict — The Clarity
The Course is a free-thinking (“free-BEING” as I like to call it) process in which business owners explore their past, present, and future experiences to identify and make decisions about the forward trajectory of their business.
The Conflict is an editing process designed to help identify mentalities, behaviors, or objectives that may be counterproductive for the business.
The Clarity is a process in which the information collected is organized as usable data for the development of identity strategy.

About Supernormal: The Sessions

This is a 6-week cohort program that equips business owners with the tools to develop an identity strategy that will help them lead an identity-aligned business.

Throughout the program, I teach the principles of the Mentality, Manageability, Momentum framework to empower cohorts to discover and align with their core identities. I also introduce them to the Identity Flow Hack, which is designed to help identify and replace the sources of misalignment that disrupt the identity flow.

By the end of the program, cohorts will have clearly defined their values, mission, messaging, programs, products, services, and objectives. They will also have the opportunity to present their identity strategies to receive peer and instructor feedback to fine  tune.


A virtual 2-hour Identity Storyboarding session

Weekly Lessons on Identity sessions

24/7 access to provisional consulting via mobile chat app

A template that can be used to create an Identity Strategy Guide

Identity Strategy Guide

The strategy developed while working through the Mentality, Manageability, Momentum framework will be compiled into a single document known as an Identity Strategy Guide.

This document is meant to serve as a handbook to hold the business owner accountable to making identity-aligned decisions about their business.


When building out a marketing plan, business owners can pull from the guide to find campaign inspiration or refer to it to ensure that a campaign aligns with overall business values, mission, and messaging.
Business owners can refer to the guide to ensure that ideas for new products, services, or programs align with identity & overall business objectives, and meet the criteria for manageability. The guide may also outline plans for specific products or services to be introduced at a future date.
In the visual branding process, business owners can pull from the values, mission, and messaging to inspire the design of visual assets. They may also look to business objectives to create an aesthetic that will be relevant to future growth.
It is possible that aspects of a business may feel misaligned from time to time. If this happens, the guide can serve as a tool to remind the business owner of and realign them with the values, mission, and objectives.

What Past cohorts are Saying

"The cohort curriculum made me aware of skillsets I forgot that I have and used in my career. It also helped me dive deeper in seeing who the creative and talented person I am where I supposed to be."
TraceyLynn Counts
Digital Marketer
"Understandable. Relatable. Specific. Tailored for me. Engaging."
Irma Lajoy
Beauty Industry Professional
"I could talk about the discoveries for days. However, the most important discovery to me was discovering that I had blocked out the majority of my accomplishments and positive memories both personal and professional."
Clifton Pettyjohn
Transformative Coach & Speaker


The cohort runs July 7, 2021 to August 11, 2021.

There are only ten slots available for Supernormal: The Sessions.
Cohorts will be selected upon review of their applications.

Before applying, please ensure that you are available for all the following dates.

Lessons on Identity — Understanding Mentality
July 7, 2021 at 6:30pm (EST)

Lessons on Identity — Understanding Manageability
July 14, 2021 at 6:30pm (EST)

Lessons on Identity — Understanding Momentum
July 21, 2021 at 6:30pm (EST)

Understanding the Identity Strategy Guide
July 28, 2021 at 6:30pm (EST)

Open Office Hours
August 4, 2021
6pm to 8pm (EST)

Identity Storyboarding Sessions
Between July 26 & August 3, 2021
(Individual sessions will be scheduled with cohorts)

Presentations & Peer Reviews
August 11, 2021 at 6:30pm (EST)

The fee for this 6-week program is $1000.

A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 (USD) will be due by July 1, 2021.
The remaining balance will be due by July 26, 2021.

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