Let's Work Work With Me

The clients I work with are people who are dedicated to deep introspection, understand the power of investment, and are intentional about discovering their truest identities. Typically, my clients have some level of spiritual inclination and are, more often than not, intuitives themselves (whether they know it or not).

The career or business ownership experiences of my clients widely vary. Some have been navigating their careers or operating their businesses for many years and are at a place of redefining. Others are just beginning their professional or entrepreneurial journeys and are looking to establish a solid career or business from the inside, out.

For this reason, I have created two ways for clients to work with me on a long-term basis that best suits their unique journeys.

Be Intentional About
discovering your truest identity.

Here Are Ways to Work With Me


Identity Storyboarding is an auditing process that involves deep diving into the business owner’s experiences — both past and present — to discover the core and essential elements of their identity.


The Identity Incubator is a long-term one-on-one journey designed to provide support, consultation, and mentorship as clients learn to navigate these phases of evolution.