Supernormal Services

Let's Be Honest...

Below you’ll find a list of program offerings, but here’s the truth…
The work of building and maintaining a brand is not as simple as checking off items on a “to do” list

Here’s why…
We work to ensure that the brands we work with are deeply connected to who they are and to their WHY.

We aren’t about making you “look” good. We are dedicated to making sure you have a sustainable brand and business (ya know… actually BEING good). That way, when we start checking off the “to do” list, what we create together aligns with your brand’s identity and objectives. It’ll test your patience but, trust us, you’ll be glad you did the work!

Here are the Programs we offer:


Brand Development

  • Brand Storyboarding
  • High-level Asset Design
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide
  • Brand Strategy



  • Marketing Strategy
  • Performance Analysis
  • Brand Maintenance
  • Business Opportunities
  • Product/Service Development & Branding



  • Experience Strategy
  • Promotion
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Vendor Management
  • Event Management
  • Logistics Planning

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