A Metaphor
Imagine This...

A jewelry maker has just finished creating a beautiful gold necklace for themself for a gala they are going to attend. Just then, a customer rushes through the door with urgency asking them to create a gold bracelet to give to their daughter for her sweet sixteen.

The jewelry maker was just about to close the shop to go get ready for the gala. Plus, they wouldn’t be getting any more gold from their supplier until the following week.

Despite this, the jewelry maker tells the customer that they will have the bracelet ready within the next few hours. The jewelry maker takes the beautiful necklace they created for themself, melts it down and makes the bracelet for the customer’s daughter.

After the time it took to complete the bracelet, the jewelry maker doesn’t have time to go home to get ready for the gala. So, they just opt out of going altogether.


Are you a person who often meets the needs of others at your own expense?​

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by Michael Andrew

“Equipping Normal People for a Supernormal Mission”

Identity Strategy for Business Owners & Professionals

Identity Strategy Identity Strategy

Identity strategy provides clients with a holistic approach to creating a marketable business, which includes aligning ideas with identity, gaining clarity on who/what “fits,” creating clear & concise messaging that resonates with ideal clients, and connecting to resources that will aid in fulfilling business objectives.


Identity Storyboarding is an auditing process that involves deep diving into the business owner’s experiences — both past and present — to discover the core and essential elements of their identity.

Group Programs Group Programs

Fresh IDEAntity is a live, interactive course, where attendees can receive real-time feedback and support as they begin developing their new identity-aligned businesses.

Supernormal: The Sessions is a 6-week cohort program that equips business owners with the tools to develop an identity strategy that will help them lead an identity-aligned business.

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