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Identity Strategy

Identity strategy sits at the intersection of professional/business development, branding, and marketing. It provides clients with an identity-focused approach to building their careers or businesses.


Find your flow and make IT work for you.

The IdentITy Retreat is your opportunity to step away from “the norm” and explore “the Supernormal.”​


Identity Storyboarding is an auditing process that involves deep diving into the cleint’s experiences — both past and present — to discover the core and essential elements of their identity.

About Michael

I’m Michael Andrew Weston. I have a knack for knowing. It’s what makes the work I do supernormal. I got started on my career path as a teenager when an at-the-time mentor sat me down in front of a computer and told me, “You can do graphic design.” So, I did.

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Free Call Fridays is an opportunity to receive insight & support to help you navigate new levels of identity in your business.

Work With Me

The clients I work with are people who are dedicated to deep introspection, understand the power of investment, and are intentional about discovering their truest identities. Typically, my clients have some level of spiritual inclination and are, more often than not, intuitives themselves (whether they know it or not).