Equipping a team of
normal people for a
supernormal Mission

How Supernormal!




About Supernormal

Supernormal is a New York City-based creative service that aims to prove that competition is a myth. we do this by helping brands identify their “Supernormal Selling Point.” That is, we help brands identify what separates them from others who may provide similar products and services. From this, we build a strategy that identifies exactly who their customer is and how to bring an unmatched experience to them from first contact to delivery of the product or service.

Why Supernormal?




We believe in data, but it isn’t everything! We work with brands that are pioneers in their fields. So, there may not be precise data for what they are building. Luckily, we have a knack for intuition! We partner that with deep diving into the brand’s identity to get to the core of who the brand is and where their passion lies.

Brand Storyboarding

Brand Storyboarding is a process designed to help teams and/or individuals engage honest conversation about their brands and to aid in shaping the key factors that will deepen the understanding of a brand’s identity & values, define how identity & values will be communicated, outline brand objectives, and identify tools that will aid in satisfying brand objectives.

The storyboarding Process Consists of three parts:

The Course

The Conflict

The Clarity

The Ideal Client

The ideal supernormal client can be identified by 3 characteristics:

Have Proven Their Concept

Previous Branding Service Experience

Freely Invest in Themselves